Theta Healing

Theta Healing is powerful mediation and energy healing technique (coming from a quantum physical approach) that enables us to access information in our subconscious.

Hatha Yoga

Private and group Yoga sessions to balance the body and mind. Asanas, meditation and breathing offered.

New ME Breath & Bodywork

New ME is all about becoming conscious of the power we have within us as human beings. The most potent form of fuel (potential force) we have flowing through us at all times is our breath.


Thank you very much for yesterday. I already feel liberated. I’m breathing deeply and my stomach is free. I will definitely be back for more regularly.
Hayat is a very caring and thorough healer.. she genuinely cares to track the problem to its root.. She has an open heart and makes you feel welcomed and at home.. I like that she verbalizes and challenges you to go deeper. She helped me resolve things I was not aware of (I’m also a healer) and I’m very grateful. Thanks Hayat!.
Marcus R
The session i had with Hayat was life changing, it made me aware of all the energies around me and how much energy frequencies effect everything that you do. I went in to the session with a load on my back and realized how much negativity i had been holding in and left feeling lighter than ever and with a huge smile on my face. Hayat is one of the most pleasant people i have ever come across, she just gives and gives. I would recommend her to everyone, it’s one of the best things i have ever experienced.
T .B.
Not only did she help enlighten and awaken me on this beautiful path i am taking now towards love and away from fear, but she also is an inspiration of what i want to be as a human being, giving love, spreading love, and highlighting to people the light that shines within theme
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